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Ford 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Issues

Ford Super Duty fuel system issues? Are all years of these vehicles affected?

2011-present year Ford Super Duty trucks equipped with 6.7L power stroke diesel engines may have the manufacturing defect noted in the Ford CP4 Lawsuit.

Beneath its impressive exterior, some Super Duty owners experienced issues with various components of the fuel system and CP4 fuel pump. Here are the issues we’ve seen at Bodacious Diesel:

  1. Fuel Contamination – One of the most prevalent problems reported by Ford Super Duty owners was fuel contamination. Contaminants such as water or debris can infiltrate the fuel system leading to engine misfires, reduced performance and costly repairs.
  2. Fuel Injector Failures – Another issue that plagued this model was fuel injector failures. Faulty fuel injectors can cause a range of problems from rough idling and reduced fuel efficiency to engine damage. Owners often had to replace multiple fuel injectors.
  3. CP4 Fuel Pump Failures – Since the CP4 uses fuel as a lubricant, the lack of adequate lubrication can increase the amount of friction on the internal metal parts such as the drive cam and roller lifters. As a result, small metal particles begin to distribute throughout the fuel system and can cause catastrophic failure.
  4. Fuel Filter Clogs – Regular fuel filter maintenance is essential for the longevity and performance of any vehicle. However, many Super Duty owners reported frequent fuel filter clogs. A clogged fuel filter disrupts fuel flow which reduces engine efficiency and leads to engine stalling and poor performance.

Call or stop by Bodacious Diesel in Golden if you’re having any of the above issues. We’ve helped 100’s of customers with all of these and can solve the issues for you too.